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Category:Tablet operating systems Category:Windows components Download windows 8 consumer preview iso freePrincess Gálffy Castle The Princess Gálffy Castle (, ) is a 19th-century residence in the Municipality of Břeclav, Czech Republic, about northeast of the center of the city of Břeclav, and in the northernmost part of the Czech Republic. The castle was built in 1846–48 for Princess Elisabeth of Tuscany (1806–1867) and her husband, Prince Ludwig of Tuscany (1809–1852), who were on their way to Vienna and afterwards Paris. It has seven interiors. It is named for Princess Gálffy, the daughter of the Austrian Emperor Franz I. The castle was built on the shore of the Břeclav Basin () between the Orlice Peninsula and an isthmus. Design The architect of the castle was Karel Kilián (1793–1867), a son of the famous Czech architect Kilián Ignác Dientzenhofer (1771–1856). Kilián designed other buildings, such as the town hall in Břeclav. Like other castles built in this time in Bohemia, it has a Neo-Gothic appearance. The principal hall of the castle is known as the Great Hall (Obřadní hall). It is 21 by 15 meters in size. It is separated by a partition from a smaller, usually used for dining. The Great Hall is on a higher level and is a much smaller space. A small museum with exhibits from the Gálffy period is located in the castle. The Great Hall is the first place the couple visited on their way to Paris, according to historian Bára L. L. Hájková. The castle has windows with stained glass windows on all sides. The "royal suite" (crown jewels), from the period, is located in the Small Hall, and the entire castle is divided by a gallery with portraits and paintings from the Gálffy period. The building also has a pair of towers with small floors. The smaller tower is on the left. The outer walls of the building are 2.5 meters thick. The Gálff




Download Windows 8 Customer Preview Iso Free glegene

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