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Certified Homeopathic Expert

Meet Shea !


This wonderful journey all began when my oldest was an infant. I noticed that after each well visit, he would become sick. Each time I would call his pediatrician they always prescribed antibiotics. I began to feel that conventional medicine was not the approach I wanted for my children. I became interested in homeopathy upon my research in an alternative approach. I found homeopathy helped with many common ailments including colds, ear infections, behavioral and emotional issues. Every problem that came up was improved with the help of homeopathy. Eventually our entire family was using homeopathy as our main form of healthcare.

After seeing the improvement homeopathy provided for my children, myself, family, and friends I decided to pursue my interest to begin studying homeopathy. I am a graduate of Lotus Health Institute and I continue my education with Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy and I have my certification as a HP supervisor from FHCI (Free and Healthy Children International)

 I am a Qest4 practitioner for Bioenergetic testing. In addition to spending time studying homeopathy, I enjoy spending time with my husband, my 2 sons, and daughter. I have over 17 years’ experience in the Homeopathic Telemedicine Research Industry. I also enjoy cooking, gardening, running, and yoga.

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Qualifications & Affiliations

  • CHom- Lotus Health Institute/ continuing education at Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy

  • HP Supervisor- Free and Healthy International

  • Member NASH

  • Member, BCCH 

  • Qest4 Practitioner

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